Artist Statement

I am inspired by beauty to paint. I want to understand, appreciate, capture and communicate that beauty to others.

Especially beautiful to me is the way light reveals the created world of nature and man made things. Finding a visual way to express that beauty and share it with others is my primary goal as a painter.

About the Artist


I have been a professional artist since my art school days in the 70’s when I studied painting and drawing at the Eliot McMurrough School of Art. Eliot was an inspiring teacher and mentor as well as a great artist. Since then I have studied with other artists including Charles Reid, William Schultz, Henry Hensche, Daniel Greene, Judi Betts, Miles Batt and Charlie Velek. I continue to learn from many amazing artists both from the past and present.

In addition, I had the unusual advantage of having parents who were both award winning fine artists. My father, James F. Newman, painted as an abstract expressionist and my mother, Marlis Newman, was primarily a representational impressionist painter while I was growing up. Marlis is still actively painting and her work can be seen at the Fifth Avenue Gallery in Eau Gallie, Florida. 

Along the way I have had the opportunity to apply my art training to computer graphics which has enabled me to do graphic arts for the University of Florida. Thankfully, this has provided me the financial benefit to pursue painting as a passion.

And finally, the best part of my life is not about painting at all but rather my family. My wife Susan, my son Alex and I are enjoying life together through our Lord, Jesus Christ.


One Last Thing

If you ever find yourself in Vero Beach, enjoying its scenic beauty you just might see me out and about, at my easel, enjoying it as well and endeavoring to capture that beauty in a painting.

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